Asian Conference on Fish Models for Diseases
August  02 – 05, 2021
Borobudur          Yogyakarta         Indonesia

About Us

Zebrafish Conference Fish Models Conference

Conference Secretariat: 

Infectious Diseases and Diabetes Society (IDDS)

Infectious Diseases and Diabetes Society Foundation
Prof. dr. Herman P. Spaink
Einsteinweg 55
2333 CC  Leiden
The Netherlands
tel: +31627852326

Legal Status

The IDDS is a Foundation by the Law of The Netherlands,
having it registered office in Oegstgeest, The Netherlands,
and is actually located in Leiden, The Netherlands.

Asian Fish Disease Models is a trademark of IDDS.

Netherlands Chamber of Commerce number: 76467767

Objective of the IDDS Foundation

The objective of the IDDS Foundation is to spread scientific knowledge of infectious diseases and diabetes and
to promote scientific research into infectious diseases and diabetes. To fulfil the object, the IDDS Foundation shall:

a. organize international scientific conferences;

b. organize international scientific courses, lectures and symposia;

c. other lawful means which the foundation deems useful to achieve the objective.

The IDDS Foundation does not seek to make profit.

The Asian Conference on Fish Models for Infectious Diseases is a non-profit making conference.

A positive financial surplus, if any, will be used to finance conferences and other related activities.